Angela’s Support Network (ASN)

1(604) 247-2664

We are helping survivors of sexual assault and those who struggle with PTSD find support, therapy and hope.

Angela’s Support Network (ASN) are here to help you access community supports, enrol in our PTSD individual, group therapy sessions (on a sliding scale), and conjoined couples therapy for PTSD. 

If you are in crisis, we can help and support you to access services and receive counselling until other programs have been implemented. 

This organization was created to support and continue the work in England under “Ask for Angela” and the “Angel shot” movement in North America. We strive to make the concept of Angela’s Support Network, another way for men and women who have been sexually assaulted to reach out and receive the support they need.

As we wait for the Grants and Donations to pour in, to help sustain this program; you can still reach us by emailing the Director, Leanne Taylor at and request support. Or you can call us at 1 (250) 430-Hero (4376) (British Columbia) and we will arrange an appointment time for you to provide you with guidance and create a therapeutic alliance. 

If you have free Canada -wide calling your phone or cell phone please call us on the local line at 1 (604) 247-2664). We are able to connect with all Canadians on this phone.

Our Beliefs

We will provide therapy, education, prevention, direction to your local community supports, form completion to get additional long term support, and speak to you about your fears and trauma. 

We will stand beside you as you endure the crushing weight of this experience and its impact on your life.

Made up of several dedicated therapists and volunteers who will be there for you whenever you are in need, Our team includes social workers who are mental health clinicians, addiction counsellors, and all are trauma informed therapists. They will provide assessments, crisis intervention, and supportive counselling for all community members in crisis

Angela’s Support Network answered my call in the middle of the night and they were there to help be access community services and now myself and my partner are on the waiting list for Group therapy. The staff are warm and welcoming, please don’t hesitate to give them a call.


Call and Let’s Talk

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