About Us

Toll Free: 1 (855) 749-Hero (4376) or Local in BC: 1 (250) 430-Hero (4376)

 Angela’s Support Network was established back in September of 2020 as a means of providing support sexual assault survivors and their families. We have developed specialized programs to help those at risk, to deal with traumatic experiences and we will help support you in accessing and utilizing the current programs in your local area as well. We will provide individual, groups and couples therapy for you and your family (at a sliding scale).   

Angela’s Support Network was created to support and continue the work in England under “Ask for Angela” and the “Angel shot” movement in North America. We strive to make the concept of Angela’s Hotline, another way for men and women who have been sexually assaulted to reach out and receive free therapy while they are awaiting other program approvals.

The Clinical Leaders include, Leanne Taylor, Nicole Versluis, and Preetika Vickram and we will be working with staff and supporting you. Please call and leave us a message so that we can put you in touch the support and tools you need to be successful now and future forward.

Our Cognitive Processing Therapy will reduce help reduce symptoms of PTSD in sexual assault survivors. It will allow survivors to explore the meaning of the traumatic event, identify thoughts and feelings surrounding it. We will explore the impact of the sexual assault has had on themselves, others, and the world. We will address their negative beliefs around themselves and then support them to learn how to rebuild safety, trust, power and control, self-esteem, and intimacy, not just within themselves but with others and in the world. 

We provide Individual, groups and couple’s therapy.

The Clinical Leaders

The Board

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