Community Action Champaign

For the cost of a fancy coffee, you could make your business a “SAFER PLACE”.

We are going to change the world, one business and each person at a time. 

The “Support Network” Project

Imagine a world where businesses are helping customers in need for only $6.

We are launching the Support Network Champaign where we are inviting businesses across North America to purchase a sticker ($6) of Angela’s Support Network logo that they can place in their windows or on their websites,  in order to show customers that their businesses are safer spaces for a meeting, date, or if you just had a crisis and you need help immediately. Similar to the Pride Flag Champaign and the Blockwatch program.  

In exchange for the $6 sticker, Our team of skilled therapist will provide a free webinar for businesses to use, to inform and train their staff on what to say and what to do if someone approaches them in their store or organization and they need help or they are unsafe.  

Our team is also available to provide more business specific training if necessary for an additional fee; but we wanted businesses to be able to use our training webinar in order to make the world a safer place – right now. 

Bystanders No more & Me2 movement 2.0.