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Vancouver & Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Our Mission

Angela’s Support Network (ASN) is a network of services designed for People who have suffered from PTSD. Our Clients tend to be people who have been sexual assaulted, or others who have had traumatic events occur and they now have PTSD or Complex PTSD. We provide support for survivors and their partners across Canada.

We are requesting donations and businesses who want to become part of the the network of supports.

Most crimes are crimes of opportunity and Sexual Assault is no exception. However, the current Canada Criminal Justice Systems does not prosecute these heinous crimes, only 0.003% go to jail . For example, in BC, there are over 1000 physical or sexual assaults against women every week and 60,000 every year.

If no action is taken, sexual assault will continue to be a public health problem that concerns everyone.  Sexual assault has numerous potential consequences that can last a lifetime and span generations, with serious adverse effects on health, education, employment,  and the economic well-being of survivors and their families.

Angela’s Support Network goal is to stop sexual assault and help the people who have been affected to feel strong again. We will stand with them and support them to create  powerful sense of belonging; and foster resiliency. Together, we will help make this world a better place. 

We will provide the following services:

·      Step by Step process on what survivors need to move forward after a sexual assault as occurred. 
·      Explore Legal options – Civil and Criminal and explain how to use the various systems (CVAP, Victim Services, Police & Crown etc)
·      Provide psychological & emotional support. Thus, removing uninformed well-meaning friends with professionals who can help support and guide callers through the process, every step of the way. 
·      We will provide education and awareness campaigns in order to eradicate sexual assault (For example: consent and how to discuss that with children, in families and as adults).  
·      We will produce awareness and prevention programming. 
·      We will provide support groups for specific issues (Queer issues, Men’s support groups, groups that involved with the Criminal Justice System). 

“This is an epidemic throughout the world and Angela’s can help!”


Contact Us

Vancouver, and Vancouver Island, BC

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