J.J. – The Podcast Was Great!

Hi Leanne, This is great!  Well thought out and done well. 

I already have a comment about something you said –  Please know the published sex offender list in the States rarely protects women it mainly is a way to punish the poor and people of colour.   

Do I think people dating should be able to know whether their date has raped others? Yes.  But many of the convicted sex offenders are convicted because of age of consent (you are 18, your gf is 15 -depending on the state) or some other thing – but something they can learn and change from. Unfortunately, just like what your podcasts says about canadian courts – in the US the white privileged serial rapists are freely out there dating and not on some convicted sex offender list.  

However, it IS totally gross and expected that in Canada I can find out if my potential employee ever robbed a place but won’t know if they have ever been convicted of rape. (Because, yeah, places are more valuable than women and children) so I am with you – but just weary of the idea that that sex offender list in the states does anything to actually help people from being attacked.  

Regardless of anything I say right now, the point is your podcast opened up the door to thoughts and conversation and action – well done!